It’s been a little while.

A combination of the horror of the back-to-school routine

Depression at the impending start-of-university-term teaching


And a little bit of writers block.

A head crowded with thoughts but none of them of interest to anyone but me.

And often not even to me.

But! But. The urge to ramble and waffle is upon me again, brought about by two cheering things

Thing one.
This weekend Averil (hi Averil!) and I are heading over to Walsingham for the candlelit procession to the shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

And possibly fish and chips at the coast whilst we’re over that way.

There may be winkles….

Thing two

Yoga. Ha HA. This week I have managed for the first time, and on one side only, to get myself into the weird arm behind back and other arm around leg holding hands bind thingy.

This is an achievement so momentous I wanted to stop the class so I could do the “running man” whilst shouting “yeah baby”.

But I didn’t.




We invited 35 friends to the grand kitchen unveiling at the weekend.

Only, the weekend before this one? the kitchen wasn’t actually quite ready to be unveiled.

And neither was the living room, which we decided to start redecorating a couple of weeks ago.

Because that’s a great thing to do when you’ve got masses of guests due to come to the house very soon.

So it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of nailing, sawing, painting and papering over the last ten days.

But I think we made it.


Or at least we were able to strategically place furniture in front of the bits that weren’t quite finished.

I think we got away with it.

Maybe :-)

So Saturday was party day. A whirl of cooking and baking

Triple layer Mississippi Mud Cake

White chocolate and strawberry cheesecake.

And a lot more that I was too flappy to take photos of.


I make a very convincing headless chicken :-)


Still with a bit of an art theme.

As we left Compton Verney we saw an irresistible sign.

For these


A pick-your-own sunflowers field.

How could we not?

Armed with secateurs the children lost themselves in a field of gold, sunflowers towering above them.



Bees buzzed.

But thankfully there were no wasps :-)

And the kids picked flowers with blooms bigger then their heads!


I did have thoughts of getting them to paint the flowers a la Van Gogh.

But in the end we just enjoyed looking at them


In the immortal words of Coldplay

“And they were all yellow”

Indeed, Chris Martin, indeed.



It was sunny yesterday.

Youngest child had a play date so this seemed like a good day for a long overdue visit to local Mecca of High Brow Arts and Culture, Compton Verney.

I’ve been wanting to visit this season to catch the Henry Moore/Rodin exhibition.

And yes, with 5 days left for it to run, it was cutting it a bit fine.

But better late than never.

Compton is beeyootiful.

The grounds are stunning


The house delightful


And their exhibitions are always interesting and thought provoking.

The setting of the outdoor exhibition of sculptures was spot on.

A Henry Moore

But what is it mum?


And you can’t help but be impressed at the sheer size and visual impact of some of the pieces


And then you get to tryout some sculpture for yourself!


Oldest child’s eyeball and entrails installation.

But what is it mum?

Then a final walk around the sculpture trail

Is it a Moore? Is it a Rodin?
No it’s Gwendoline the giraffe.

If you get the chance to go ( before 31st August) do! It’s very family friendly and it’s great for the kids to see pieces like these, in a setting like this.

And the chocolate cake in the coffee shop is pretty darned good too :-)

The Change

It’s there now isn’t it?

First thing in the morning, when you step out of the front door and shiver.

Late afternoon, as the sun is starting to go down and you smell the bonfires starting.

In the evening, as it starts to get properly dark.

Autumn’s coming.

I love this time of year.

It’s softer.

The light is hazier, the evenings cooler.

The hedgerows full.

So, we made our annual trip to a tiny hamlet (ha!) just outside Stratford.


The light was dappled, the birds twittered, the bees buzzed


The Avon did it’s gurgle-y river-y thing.

And the trees and hedges?

They were full of these


And these


And these


Elderberries and rose hips and sloes (oh my!).

Oh and blackberries and damsons and apples.

And then a hazy, twittery, mellow walk back through the hamlet


To the pretty, amber hued church

Rose-filled churchyard


And frankly hacked-off looking gargoyle chappie


Finishing off the late summer day with a stop at the Four Alls, for a cool refreshing drink (or in the case of oldest child a cream and marshmallow loaded hot chocolate (well it is the turn of the seasons after all)).


One for All

I like taking the kids to the theatre. I love it when the production is so good that they can lose themselves completely in the story.

I love it that some plays that they might struggle with reading come alive for them on the stage.

Though of course that was a bit unfortunate in the case of Alls Well That Ends Well

But we won’t revisit that here.


Anyway, theatre going opportunities have been a bit thin on the ground recently. The RSC has largely been sold out for plays we might fancy. The Belgrade has been particularly uninspiring.

And then a groupon offer popped into my inbox.

The Three Musketeers.

At Stoneleigh Park.

How fab is that?

So we packed a picnic, because England in Late August is going to offer a beautiful, balmy, summer evening right?


Mmm. Blankets and hot soup all round.

But the play was great fun.

The actors were young and enthusiastic.



The setting, especially as the sun set over the Park, was stunning.



If you get a chance to go and see something by Boxtree Productions do go.

It’s not the RSC.

But sometimes, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Fiction Friday

This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading


Girl In the Box by Robert J Crane.

Surprisingly good!

A series of books about a teenage girl with superpowers and her work with a shadowy organisation called The Directorate.

I know.

So far so predictable.

But these are actually thoroughly enjoyable stories. Fast-paced, well-written, funny. They draw you in.

And the first three vols are available free on the Kindle.

What have you got to lose?

Next Week I Shall Mostly Be Reading


It’s been sat on my bookshelf for about three years.

But I’m finally going to do it.

I’m going in.



Yoga on Monday.

The beginners Ashtanga class.

You’d think it would be easier, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately lots of people were on holiday which meant a small class size.

And the yoga teacher has an assistant helping.

Which meant a much higher teacher:student ratio.

Which meant those slightly more challenging poses which I cheat go a little easier on myself with? I found myself being tortured encouraged to “go a little deeper” into.

I have the hip flexibility of a corpse with rigor mortis.

But in one sitting pose the teacher sat there and ” encouraged” my hips to bend until my knees touched the floor.

First time since I was about 7.

“You see? The flexibility is there” he said.
At which point my knee poinged back into the upright position with the ferocity of a mousetrap going off.

Nearly knocked him out in the process.

You see? No it isn’t.



There’s No Place Like Home

One of the things I wanted to do this summer was explore Leamington a bit more.

I’ve lived here for 17 years and there are still bits of town I don’t know very well at all.

So a couple of days ago, before the rain came ( again), we packed a mini picnic and trekked to Foundry Wood a community managed green space behind the old Ford Foundry.

The rest of the old Foundry site is now a Morrisons Supermarket, (sigh).

Because obviously with Tesco, Sainsbury, M & S, Asda, Lidl, Waitrose and Aldi all within 5 minutes driving distance, what the area really needed was a supermarket.

But never mind!

It’s great that at least some of this old foundry site has been put to good use. :-)

It was a beautiful day and as we walked to the foundry we passed the canal


And, ignoring the roar of the traffic on the A road we were walking by, we saw a lovely patch of wildflowers


Then we got to the woods



And they were open!

Which was great as I realised half way through our walk that I’d forgotten to check if they were actually open that day.

It’s a great space

Is it a Clootie Tree? is it Art? What is it?

Mental note to return in September for blackberrying.



Wood and textile craft. We’re going to try this at home when the kids get back from their week at their grandparents.


The rotting piano.

Every wood should have one. :-)

And then possibly the thing the kids found most fascinating from the whole trip


The Compost Toilet.

It could have been worse.

That’s all I’ll say.

And to finish the day, a trip to a play park we haven’t discovered before


And all this on our doorstep.

Well, just about.


Fiction Friday

This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading

IMG_0110.JPG The Blue Knickers Of Happiness.

I absolutely loved this book.

The stories of a disparate group of seekers who end up together on a silent retreat in the Himalayas. The book deals with the widely varying reasons and circumstances that result in people searching for that elusive meaning in their lives – some deal with the quest for enlightenment as an almost scientific experiment, others end up there almost by accident (ah, but is there really such a thing as an accident? Is it not just the universe conspiring to teach you a key lesson? :-) ). It also chronicles the wildly varying ways the characters deal with ten days of silence and limited interaction with other people, stuck in the noise and chaos of their own heads.

The book was hilarious at times, poignant at others.

And, almost as an aside, you do learn an awful lot about meditation and Buddhist thought.


Next Week I Shall Be Reading


Girl in the Box. The “something borrowed” from my summer reading list.

Superpowers, mysterious agencies.

A bit different to my usual fare…