Summer at last

So summer has come to England at last. In an effort to live more according to the seasons and disconnect my two children from the world of Minecraft, at least for a little while, we went to our local PYO The Malt Kiln Farm Shop, on Sunday. We got there just as it opened at 10am, smugly clutching the fruit boxes we’d saved from previous years. The sun was warm, but not oppressively so, the strawberries were warm and full of flavour, the kids were warm and by the end of the morning, a fetching shade of pink from the strawberry juices running down their chins and arms (one for the basket, one for me). We left with strawberries, gooseberries and rhubarb in our haul.

Part of my quest for a simple life includes trying to produce more stuff at home, relying less on manufactured products. Not sure that makes my life simpler as such, but it does give a tremendous sense of satisfaction to be eating home made! So Sunday afternoon saw me dusting down Mr Grossicks jam pan (given to me by a friend who’s late father (Mr Grossick) was a great jam maker) to make strawberry jam and gooseberry curd. Rosie helped chop the fruit and weigh the ingredients and the result was a healthy batch of 10 jars of strawberry jam, full of the warmth and flavour of sun-picked English strawberries.

Next stage was to throw together a batch of home baked scones, using a trusty BeRo recipe


The last job of the day? To eat the scones loaded with jam and some clotted cream. Yum


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