In My Garden

My garden is a source of both pleasure and despair for me. Pleasure because I love gardens and gardening, I do!. It’s just that sometimes, erm, life gets in the way, or it’s just too darn rainy or cold to go out and so the garden kind of gets away from me. You know how it is? You look out one morning and there appear to be trees growing that you didn’t plant, and lost tribes living in the wilderness that you planned to be a beautiful herbaceous border a la Hidcote Manor? And, well, how did that happen?

Anyway, at the moment, and largely due to the frantic tidy up I did before dear hubby’s surprise 50th birthday party, the garden is looking, well, nice. And as the sun is still shining it seems a pity not to take the opportunity of enjoying it a bit…

20130712-122249.jpg This is the view of the Mock Orange that hides our shed and smells wonderful (the plant, not the shed).

20130712-122600.jpg …and this is my shady spot where I’m about to take tea. A little bit of left over Cath Kidston fabric to hide a slightly scruffy table, beautiful blue and white tea pot and cup, and we’re ready to go. The simple life? You can’t beat it!


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