Parsley Pesto

I’ve always had a problem with parsley. I get it when it’s chopped up small and added to a sauce say, but as a vegetable it’s always puzzled me. I really don’t get those bits that are plonked on the side of the plate in restaurants, and that stay there for the rest of the meal looking sorry for themselves and wholly indigestible. So it’s with some trepidation that I saw that we had a bag of curly parsley in the vege box delivery. In the normal run of things the parsley would stay in the fridge until it had turned to mush, and then it would be quietly added to the compost box, to do some good at the other end of the food chain.

But not this time. Oh no. This time I was determined to conquer the parsley. With the help of a recipe from Riverford Organics I thought it was time to try some homemade parsley pesto.

The recipe is so simple even I couldn’t mess it up. 100g of parsley (stalks removed), 3-4 cloves of garlic chopped and 100g of toasted pine nuts,

20130713-150742.jpgpop them in the blender with 1 tbsp of good olive oil taken from the 350ml of oil that you will slowly add once this initial blitz has transformed the parsley etc in to a coarse paste. After you’ve added all the oil stir in 100g of finely grated Parmesan and then lemon juice and sea salt to taste. Ta Da! Homemade pesto.



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