Cake Days part 2

Did I say the children were converted to caramel? A sleepover yesterday prompted the “Mummy, can we bake something?” request, and nothing would do but vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing. Three little girls, each with their own mixing bowls and strong, STRONG, views on how they should be decorated.
We used Nigellas Fairy Cake recipe from “How to be a Domestic Goddess” but with some guesswork thrown in as my weighing scales decided to give up the ghost and my only measuring equipment was some cup measures. I have conversions from imperial to cups, but not metric, so found myself trying to convert from grams, to ounces to cups. Not sure it came out quite right but the girls view the cake simply as a medium for their artistic creations – as long as it’s edible and holds the maximum amount of topping the rest is irrelevant!

They worked hard on their creations. Oh my. And came up with more attractive designs than I could have



I didn’t end up with flour in my hair this time. Oh no. This time I answered the door to our vege box delivery lady and noticed she was backing away from me instead of stopping for a chat like she usually does. It was only when I looked in the mirror sometime later and saw the huge dollop of cake mix on my chin that I realised why. At best I looked like I had a serious frothy dribbling problem, at worst rabid.


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