Percy Jackson

My 11 year old has always been a reluctant reader, which, as I am a Librarian, obviously cuts me to the quick and causes me sleepless nights and paroxysms (LOVE that word) of mummy failure guilt.

A couple of years ago we discovered the American writer Rick Riordan. It has been, dare I say it, miraculous, the way he has switched my oldest on to reading. The Percy Jackson series, set in modern day America, but drawing on Greek mythology, has fired his imagination and enthusiasm for the written word to the extent that I have considered breaking the rule of a lifetime and writing an embarrassingly gushing letter of heartfelt thanks to Mr Riordan for bestowing his talents on the world. I haven’t done it yet but I fear it is only a matter of time.

Anyway, the second volume of the Percy Jackson series has just been turned into a film and released in the UK and oldest child fairly dragged me to the cinema yesterday to see it.

It was, as he would say, AWESOME.

Official Site

It is a PG but my almost 7 year old (who has been hardened on a diet of Star Wars and Harry Potter) found some of it a bit too disturbing ( the mummified Delphic Oracle in particular). The 11 year old loved it.


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