Summer Tote

I’ve been looking for the perfect summer bag for years. I want something that looks good, is big enough to carry all the stuff that the kids seem to think needs to travel with them everywhere (Lego figures! Notepads! Colouring pens! All in the bottom of all of my bags), and all the stuff that we acquire as we go around and about (stones! Feathers! Half eaten unidentifiable things). As a result it also needs to be supremely washable. Can I find such a beast – that doesn’t also cost an absolute fortune? Nope.

So I finally decided to make my own.


The main material is a simple blue ticking, the accent at the bottom is Savonnerie by Moda Fabrics. Lining was a floral remnant I had in the stash cupboard – unfortunately I’m not sure who the manufacturer is. I’ll try and post a tutorial in the near future as this was so ridiculously easy to make even I (probably) can’t mess up showing how it’s done.

Now where did I put my Lego figures?


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