Ditch the cynicism

I may have missed something but I’m fairly sure that here in the UK we don’t have an equivalent of Thoreau and his Walden. Nor do we have any great pioneering or homesteading tradition – homeschooling? Living off-grid? What?. And whereas it seems that this pioneering, have-a-go, homesteading vibe is alive and well over the Pond, in the UK? Not so much. In the UK it often gets suffocated by layers of cynicism, consumerism and defeatism.

If you compare images from popular culture in the 70’s, in the US there were programmes like The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. Yes they idealised the past and glossed over the considerable hardships people faced, but at the same time they celebrated that family-orientated, self-sufficient lifestyle. In the UK we had The Good Life. I loved this programme, but however affectionately it was portraying the idea of self-sufficiency (in suburbia!) it still ultimately held the idea upas (ironically) unsustainable.

Isn’t it time we let go of a little of that carefully nurtured cynicism and embraced the idea of returning to a more family-orientated, seasonal, natural, simple lifestyle?

Even if we do live in Surbiton?


2 thoughts on “Ditch the cynicism

  1. I’m in Canada and in love with the romance of old England, Ireland, Scotland…and I mostly watch UK programs whenever I can…isn’t it funny how we have ideas of other places and romanticize them?

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