Initial crafts

Summer holidays often find me with a houseful of children of differing ages, abilities and interests. It can be Really challenging to find activities that appeal to them all, are within their capabilities and will keep them engaged for more than a couple of minutes.

I’ve had this craft in mind for some time – originally I was thinking of spending a therapeutic half hour with the buttons and glue myself – but Tuesday was a little rainy and seemed like the ideal time to try it out.

Materials needed: glue (lots of it), buttons (in varying colours and sizes according to taste, but do remove any with sticky out button holes otherwise framing could be a challenge), paper, pencil and a frame.


To start with, draw around the aperture of the frame to make sure buttons don’t get hidden behind the frame during the throes of creativity. Using the pencil draw the outline of the child’s initial (or let them do this themselves if they are able). Now for the fun bit…use the glue to stick the buttons within the outline of the initial in whatever pattern and colour combination pleases. This kept 4 girls ranging in age between 6 and10 occupied for at least half an hour!


The background to the initial can be decorated as well, but there is a danger of “losing” the initial amongst all the busyness. The sticking can be incredibly addictive though and at least one of the 4 girls just kept going till the whole sheet was full of buttons and sequins and spangles!

Once the sticking is done, allow the glue to dry and then carefully cut the sheet (if necessary) to fit the frame.


Place in a prominent position and enjoy!

Easy, fun and you end up with a kiddy craft that you really do want to put on display.



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