I love this time of year. I love the hint of chill in the air as the season turns. I love the colours in the garden and the countryside. I love the light – softer than at summer’s height, more mellow.

Before the rains came yesterday

20130909-205407.jpgRowan tree

20130909-205449.jpgRowan berries

20130909-205536.jpgblush pink mini crab apples

And in my living room


So much colour, and more to come as autumn makes itself felt.

And speaking of colour, how pretty is this?

20130909-205817.jpghomemade blackberry ice cream . Our first attempt at ice cream making. It looked good and tasted good, though I think next time we make it we’ll strain the blackberry purée before adding it to the English custard base in order to give it a smoother finish. We still have some unfrozen mixture in the fridge so I’m thinking the addition of white chocolate might make for an interesting combination of flavours when we freeze the next batch.


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