With autumn and the return to school comes opportunities to do a little grown-up crafting, sneaky pieces here and there completed without the inevitable cry of “Can I help?”. Lovely as it is to craft with children, sometimes it’s nice to just create by yourself, to not have to think about explaining methods, to just do it.

With autumn also comes the time to start thinking about craft shows. For years I’ve been working with a friend, Helen, under the umbrella name Jalunar, to produce items for Christmas craft fairs, first in Leamington Spa, but in recent years at Coventry. Each year we face the question of whether we go with what sold well last year or try something completely new.

Helen specialises in fantastic, striking mosaic work which can be found here. I concentrate more on textile goods. To be more specific, aprons. You can never have too many aprons right?

I’ve tried to create aprons with a vintage vibe, but also a touch of autumn/winter colour ways this time

20130911-213750.jpghalf apron

20130911-213850.jpgAdults full length apron

20130911-214017.jpgchild’s full length apron

I’m thinking that this year I’d like to expand the collection to include bags and drawer sachets (using some of that French linen I bought in the Pyrenees). But I think both Helen and I are undecided whether to go with the craft fair again this year, or concentrate more on our online presence. It’s cheaper to stick with online – but you don’t interact with people in the same way, you don’t get the same feedback on your crafts,

and you don’t get to sit and natter whilst drinking multiple cups of coffee and eating cake.


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