Lavender’s Blue

It’s raining outside. Time to try and create a little reminder of the summer.

One of the things I brought back from France was linen. Old linen in the form of a vintage bedspread and vintage tea towel

20130913-204202.jpgvintage loveliness.
New linen in the form of fabric I bought from the open air market at Narbonne

20130913-204313.jpgnew French linen and some toile I bought for my Francophile youngest

20130913-204357.jpgtoile de jouy.

I wanted to use some of the linen but not too much as I have other plans in mind for the fabric (apart from stroking it in a slightly worrying way). I wanted small, stylish and resonant of warm summer days (not asking much of a piece of fabric). Lavender bags seemed just right.

These are incredibly easy to make. A long rectangle of your main fabric, and a narrower strip of your second fabric are joined together with right sides facing

20130913-205813.jpgjoin along the length. Press the seams open and then fold the fabric in half and sew around the two long sides and one short side

20130913-205940.jpgthe casing. Turn right side out and fill with your favourite dried flowers or herbs, adding a soft filler such as wool toppings or cotton wool if you like. I had some lavender that I cut and dried last summer and used this after stripping away the leaves and stalks but rose petals or Rosemary would smell divine

20130913-210142.jpgdried lavender. A little strip of aged lace to tie the bag shut and there it is, a little bag of summer

20130913-210605.jpgcompleted lavender bag.


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