Family ties

I know very little about my family. Oh, I know my mum and dad very well, but beyond that – very little. My Mums mother died when she was a baby

20130915-203220.jpgMy maternal grandmother. My Mum was estranged from her father and stepmother, and didn’t really keep in touch with her sister and step sister. They grew up during the war years and life, hard life, got in the way of family.

My dad’s father died when he was about the age my oldest is now. His mother, my Nana, died when I was 6. I have so few memories of her.


I always meant to ask my parents about their families, but somehow, although we did talk about them sometimes, the in depth recording never happened. My dad died 9 years ago tomorrow; my Mum, with Alzheimer’s, can’t remember the 50 years she spent with my father, never mind the minutiae of relatives and addresses from her past. So much of their shared history together, and the history of our families is lost now.

So now, when it’s almost too late, I’m going to try and record what I can. My winter project, if you like, though I think this has the potential to take years rather than a season. And I’ll record new family memories and traditions too, so that my children will have that sense of home and belonging that has often eluded me.

20130915-204734.jpgmy paternal grandparents.


2 thoughts on “Family ties

  1. You are so right when you said it will take years to record your family history and traditions. I am willing to bet that as you do this you will find out more and more about your family. Best of luck with your project.

    • Thank you! I must admit it’s a bit daunting -especially as I DO know that my maternal grandparents were Scottish and Irish which will add that extra level of difficulty to finding out about their heritage. Possibly a good excuse for a trip to Ireland next summer… 🙂

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