Floral wraps

When I was pregnant I read. A lot. I read about putting your baby on a strict schedule, I read about baby-led parenting. I read about Steiner and Montessori, about Kumon and SATS. I read about buying this toy and that to make your child into the next Einstein, and I read about the numerous evil chemicals present in absolutely everything that are lurking waiting to do harm.

A lot of what I read and suffered angst over I’ve quietly discarded over the years as experience and our reality has shown me what works for us. There still remains a distrust, nay paranoia around plastics though. I hate the stuff. I know it serves a purpose, is indispensable in a lot of things, but I feel better if I don’t have too much of the stuff in the house. One of the things I really hate? Plastic wrap on food. I haven’t used cling film or sandwich bags for packing up for years, preferring reusable Tupperware. But it’s still plasticky and, lets face it, not a thing of great beauty.

The answer, for sandwiches at least, is reusable wraps. They keep your food fresh, you then use them as a napkin and finally throw them in the washing machine and then use them again.

They’re easy to make. First get your fabric – or use two different fabrics if you fancy a different lining and outer. Decide on the shape and size you want for your wraps. The first ones I made I used an old oval meat platter as the template to draw around. This is great for adult sized sandwiches but my youngest still likes her sandwiches small and dainty with the crusts cut off and this original design swamped them. Wraps mark 2 used a normal dinner plate to draw around

20130918-215219.jpgfloral fabrics.

Cut out the shapes leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and place a loop of elastic cord or very thin ribbon with raw edges matching up with the outside edge of the fabric, loop pointing down and sandwiched between the two pieces

20130918-215734.jpgplace the loop.

Sew around the outside edge to join the two bits of fabric together leaving a gap of about 5-10cm unsewn to enable you to turn the fabric right side out. You may like to add extra stitches on the cord to give it extra strength.
Turn the fabric right side out and sew around the outside again, very close to the edge, to give it a better finish.

20130918-220058.jpgthe open wrap.

Now fold the wrap up as if a sandwich was inside it, leaving the edge with the loop till last. Bend this edge over and mark where the loop falls – this is where you will place your button

20130918-220229.jpgthe wrapped wrap.

Attach a pretty button and Ta da! A pretty, useful and plastic free wrap ready to use.

Now make lots more using up all those scraps of fabric you’ve been hoarding for just such a useful project as this 🙂


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