Ice Cream

It’s Freshers Week. Lots of fresh faced 18year olds have suddenly arrived in Coventry. You can spot them a mile off. They’re the ones who either look absolutely terrified and slightly grey around the gills, or they are particularly loud and swaggering – in an attempt to hide the fact that they feel absolutely terrified and slightly grey around the gills. It will pass.

It does mean chaos and stress at work. Presentations, often back to back but in different buildings (hmm how do they expect that to work?), shepherding lost souls to where they ought to be, and trying to keep the old welcoming smile strapped to the face the whole time. You crawl home at the end of the day and bibble quietly to yourself, in a corner, where no one will disturb your rocking for a bit.

Unfortunately, when you have an 11 year old and 7 year old around the self indulgent bibbling isn’t allowed to go on for long so last night we decided it was time to play with the new toy again and make ice cream.


I’d promised our youngest that strawberry would be the next flavour we would try. Have you tasted the strawberries that are around at the moment? Unfortunately it’s past the British strawberry season but they’re still selling em in the shops -crunchy, tasteless, a bit pointless. But, a promise is a promise, so strawberry ice cream needed to be produced. We followed the recipe – mixture of strawberries, caster sugar and whipping cream, but added a couple of teaspoons of balsamic vinegar to the mix. I know, sounds disgusting right? But the vinegar really brought out the flavour in those poor little excuses for strawberries, giving an intense strawberry hit and also counteracting a flavour that can be a little too sweet and cloying. Delicious šŸ™‚

20130924-082217.jpggreat colour combo!

Our oldest child likes chocolate. A lot. So our next ice cream was connossieurs chocolate flavour. 85%cocoa solids plain chocolate mixed with cream, sugar, good quality cocoa powder and an egg white and then chunks of milk chocolate added in. Top with grated white chocolate on serving…

20130924-082634.jpgchocolate hit. Intense smoky dark chocolate base, lightened with the creaminess of the milk and white chocolate accents.

This was very, very good šŸ™‚


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