Our youngest’s school was closed for polling yesterday. Yes, I know. Obviously our children’s education will be irreparably damaged if we take them out of school the day before they break up for the holidays in order to benefit from slightly better (or cheaper) travel, but somehow closing the school halfway through the first term in order for the school to make money won’t damage their education. And of course, neither will the teachers going on strike next Tuesday either. Ahem. Ok I’ll shut up now. Not bitter or anything.

Anyway. School was shut so I asked the youngest what she would like to do with her brother-free day, and she announced that she would like to “go to Stratford and see a play”.


So, we did the whole hog, mother-daughter day yesterday. Started with breakfast at Cafe Rouge

20130927-080331.jpgPain Perdu. And then had a few hours to wander the lanes of Stratford doing the tourist thing.

20130927-080427.jpgShakespeare’s birthplace


20130927-080524.jpgView to the swannery.

20130927-080601.jpgView to the church.

We finished our day with a trip to the RSC to see Alls Well That Ends Well.

With hindsight, the fact that I couldn’t find any copies of the play (which isn’t one that I’m familiar with) in the children’s section of a number of different bookshops, should have given me a clue. That this is one of Shakespeare’s more, erm, bawdy plays. But I remained clueless. Until we were wedged in the theatre, the lights went down and the first scene involved a long discussion on the pros and cons of virginity. I stared fixedly straight ahead, but could feel youngest child’s eyes boring into me, and sense the words “mummy, what’s…?” forming. I have never been more grateful for the fact that the RSC have not modernised the text and remained verily olde Englishe and Elizabethan, and thus largely indecipherable to 7 year old ears.

Do remind me to do my homework in future.

It was, to be fair, an excellent production. I did really enjoy it, in between trying to explain what was going on, in a more edited way, to Rosie. You can’t beat seeing Shakespeare at the RSC really. Unless its going to see it at The Globe in London. Which I’m supposed to be doing with some friends in a fortnights time.

Hopefully no editing will be required.


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