During the same foray into Evesham’s thrifting emporiums that turned up the Chinese pastry mold we came across this little beauty

20130930-193112.jpgThe Wonderland Picture Book. There is no date printed on the book itself, but an inscription inside the cover is dated 1939, and this would tally with the style of the illustrations inside.

The binding is completely shot, and some of the content is, erm, how can I best describe this? dubious. Yes I think that is an apt way of describing it. Shocking to today’s reader certainly. Toe-curlingly un-p.c. without a doubt. But the illustrations are gorgeous.

And here is the source of my turmoil.

The librarian says – keep the book as is. Preserve it as an example of its type in all it’s battered, falling apart glory.

The crafter says Ah ha! Pretty papers to cut up and repurpose.

It is a battle on a grand scale worthy of Jekyll and Hyde, Two-face, Hinge and Brackett…

20130930-194132.jpgThe Toy Cupboard

20130930-194204.jpgThe I-Why Bird

20130930-194313.jpgThe Island of Moonshine

I’m thinking a series of beautifully mounted pictures hanging on the wall leading to the guest bedroom. Not completely cut up. A passable compromise?


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