The “C” word

It’s in the trees
It’s coming
(Name that song)

Can you feel it? Creeping up the alleyways. A glimpse from the corner of your eye. Sneaking through the windows. Suddenly it’s there. EVERYWHERE you look. Christmas stuff.

Every year I resolve this is the year it will be different. I will be organised. I will hand make presents for everyone. Christmas parcels to foreign lands will be posted in time to arrive for Christmas rather than Easter. Our house will be a haven of crafts, home baking and seasonal goodness on a Waltons like scale.

Every year I am sadly disappointed.

But not this year. Oh no. This year will be the year I conquer Christmas.

But first.

First I NEED a snazzy hand crafted Christmassy notebook in which to note important Christmassy things. Without such a beast my christmas cannot be organised and I will fall at the first hurdle.

And so I give you

20131003-213331.jpgMy Christmas notebook

A scrap of red and white fabric left over from youngest child’s Christmas quilt (last years winter project), a little bit of red felt, a cheap and boring hardback notebook and a little bit of blanket stitching.


If only the same could be said of Christmas…


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