Fiction Friday

Ok, so it’s Saturday. An evening with friends at Leamingtons branch of Carluccios put me a leeeetle off schedule….

This week I have mostly been reading

20131005-082542.jpgThe Probable Future

You know what? This was very, very good.

It’s about the women of the Sparrow family who are given a gift (or a curse) when they reach their thirteenth birthdays. The ‘gift’ varies with each generation but generally does not bring happiness in it’s wake. The story centres around the current three generations of Sparrow women (the youngest of whom has just had her thirteenth birthday), their relationships and how the gift/curse impacts on their lives. It is beautifully, lyrically written.

And much, much better than “The Story Sisters”.

Next week I will be reading

20131005-083323.jpgHiss and Hers

He he he. Yep, this is one of my guilty pleasures. I do like a bit of MC Beaton and Agatha Raisin. They’re light, undemanding and can be finished in an evening. Just like a box of Thorntons Continentals 🙂


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