Mid week treat

…because frankly, by Wednesday, we need a little something (apart from a large bottle of wine) to get us through to the weekend.

A little bit of pampering. A little bit of TLC. A little bit of scrumptiousness to lighten a dark and dreary evening.

Home made bath soaks.

No, stay with me on this one.

The hippy, earth-loving green side of me is loving this. So easy to do. Great for your skin, and no nasties included,plus there’s the smug factor of having made it yourself.

What’s not to love?

So, to start with you need to prepare something to hold the goodies. You can either make a simple little bag out of muslin or organza, or do as our youngest did and simply cut out a square of muslin or organza, plop a small heal of soak in the middle and then gather up the material, securing it with a bow. Either way works very well.

The soak is equally simple to make.

Take 1 cup of oatmeal. Porridge oats would work as well.

But try and avoid the flavoured ones (unless you want your bath to smell of golden syrup…)

Anyway, oatmeal is good if you have it. We had a bag that I’d bought when planning a more healthy diet. So I’m glad to have found a use for it at last. Ahem.

Pop the oatmeal in the blender and whizz for a while, you want it to be finely ground – a bit like fine sawdust – so that it releases it’s goodness easier when it meets the warm water.

20131009-192154.jpgGround oatmeal.

Next decide what scent you would like to add. I went for lavender (surprise!), but Rosemary or Chamomile or mint would be nice.


Give the herb of your choice ( about half a cup full )a quick whizz in the blender as well to release the oils and then mix that with the oatmeal. You could add a few drops of essential oils at this point as well if you liked, but I find the dried lavender is strong enough without the need for boosting.

20131009-192500.jpgMix the herbs and oatmeal.

Place the mixture in the bag of your choice.

20131009-192854.jpgbath soaks

Run a nice warm bath and let the water run through the bag.

Relax and unwind


Big fluffy towels are mandatory.


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