Halloween crafts

I remember when Halloween wasn’t a big deal. When I was growing up in the North East of England in the 1970s, Halloween meant carving lanterns out of turnips (what folks in the south call swedes) and perhaps telling a few ghost stories. It certainly didn’t involve trick or treating (my mum would sniff that it was “little more than begging”), dressing up, or the whole carnival atmosphere that seems to surround it nowadays. For me Halloween will always be the smell of burnt turnip

20131020-191955.jpgJack-o-Lantern (photo from Wikipedia )

Be that as it may.

Halloween is nearly here and actually, I embrace it with gusto. It may be a throwback to my years as a Goth, or it may be that weird masochistic bent so many of us having for being delightfully scared in a safe and non threatening setting. Whatever. It’s fun.

It’s also a great excuse to make stuff.

I’ve had a needle felting kit for several months and haven’t been inspired to make anything.

Until now.

Needle felted pumpkins. Well, it had to be didn’t it?

And These are actually dead (ha!) easy to make. Which is good as I’m a complete novice when it comes to felting techniques.

Anyway, start off with a clump of orange roving. This stuff feels so good, it’s very tempting to just sit there stroking it. But no! Be strong and continue with your project.

20131020-192851.jpgorange roving.

Now run a basin of hot water and add some mild soap. Take your lovely, soft, fluffy roving and dunk it in the water, rolling it between the palms of your hands quite vigorously. Keep doing this until the wool has formed a ball.

20131020-193030.jpgfelted ball.

Let it dry and then take some very thin strands of black roving and a fine felting needle and poke at the strands of black wool until they bond with the orange ball, making the segments of the pumpkin

20131020-193212.jpgadding the black lines.

Keep going until you have made segments all the way around.

Now take a very small piece of green wool and roll the very end of it between finger and thumb until it clumps together – this will be the stalk.

20131020-193507.jpgthe stalk
Put the green wool on the top of your pumpkin with the stalk sticking up and do some more prodding around the base of the stalk to attach it to the pumpkin. Take the loose fuzzy bit of the green wool and loop it round to make a leaf shape, then prod that into position on the pumpkin too. Your little fuzzy pumpkin is now ready to go

20131020-193706.jpgbaby pumpkin

You could make a whole pumpkin patch’s worth of them



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