Moon gazing

Sometimes you can get a little bored of seeing the same Halloween decorations everywhere. The same bright orange and shiny black plastic. Is it even possible, or desirable, to have a more tasteful Halloween? Or are the two things mutually exclusive?

I’ve been trying to come up with some cool crafts for the kids to do in the run up to Halloween. I have thought of a few, but found myself getting slightly sidetracked.

As you do.

Well, as I do anyway.

Have you seen the moon over the last few nights? Beautiful. And, um, VERY, American Werewolf in London. Awooooo (that’s a wolf impression in case you couldn’t guess).

20131023-145110.jpg20 October.

Which kind of lent itself to a bit of crafting. Not exactly scary, or Halloween-y, but a bit eldritch. I hope.

20131023-145317.jpgFelting the moon.

20131023-145406.jpgwith hare.

Those vines look more like talons than ivy. Of course that was the effect I was going for. Honest.

20131023-145538.jpgMoon gazing hare.

And then I turned my carefully needle felted piece over.


20131023-145751.jpgreverse side

Is it supposed to look like a badly frightened cat on the ‘B’ side?


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