Fiction Friday

This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading

20131025-075657.jpgA Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian.

This is a really good book. A description of a dysfunctional, but instantly recognisable family. It’s a funny, but also painful, illustration of the exasperation, love and strained dynamics involved when family roles swap as parents age and children grow up and take over the adult role. Highly recommended

Next Week I Will Be Reading

20131025-081242.jpgQueen Lucia
A bit of a cheat as I have read this before, many times. I do like to reread the Mapp and Lucia novels of EF Benson every couple of years. It’s like slipping into a pair of warm and comfortable slippers. If you’ve never read any of this series then you must go out and buy them. Today. They are an affectionate and very funny look at society manners in 1920s England – but that description really doesn’t do justice to how delightful these books are 🙂
And then go out and buy the Boxed set of DVDs of the BBC adaptations of the books from the 1980s with Geraldine McEwan, Nigel Hawthorne and Prunella Scales. You won’t be sorry.


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