Halloween Crafts

This is the kind of craft that normally makes me groan. “Knitting something for Halloween? Now? With only x days to go?” But actually these are so quick and easy you’ve got time to whip up a whole batch of them in time for Halloween.

20131029-105040.jpgBwa ha ha ha HA

Knitted Pumpkins

You will need
Orange wool
Green wool
Small amount of black wool.
Size 2.75mm needles
Pair of double pointed needles in similar size.

DISCLAIMER. I take no responsibility for anything weird in these instructions as I sort of made it up as I went along and forgot to make a note of what I was doing.

Using orange wool and 2.75mm needles cast on 14 stitches.
Purl 1 row.
K1(increase 1, k1, increase1) to end k1
Purl row
K1 (increase 1, k3, increase 1) to end k1
Purl row
K1 (increase 1, k5, increase 1) to end k1
Purl row
Keep increasing incrementally in this way, alternating with purl rows until you have 62stitches.

Knit row
Purl row
Knit row
Purl row
Knit row
Purl row
Now decrease in similar way so
K1 (k2 tog, k11, k2 tog) to end k1
Purl row
K1 (k2 tog, k9, k2 tog) to end k1
Purl row

Keep decreasing incrementally in similar way, alternating with purl rows until you have 14 stitches, ending after purl row.

20131029-101811.jpgflattened pumpkin.
Thread your yarn through the 14 stitches and remove from needle pulling yarn tight.

20131029-102023.jpgdeflated pumpkin

Sew up side seams leaving space to insert stuffing.

Stuff away making a nice fat pumpkin shape.

Now use the double pointed needles and green wool. (Alternatively you could just cut leaf shapes out of green felt and sew them on the pumpkin) Cast on 4 stitches and work an I cord until it measures about 2 centimetres.
Now change to normal knitting and increase into each stitch (8stitches)
Purl a row
Knit1, increase1, knit 2, increase 1, knit 2 increase 1
Purl a row
Increase at each end of the row.
Knit a row
Purl a row
Repeat last 2 rows until leaf is as big as you require
K2 together knit to last 2 stitches k2tog
Purl row
K2 tog k2 to end
Purl row

Keep decreasing alternating with purl row until you have 1 stitch left on needle. Thread yarn through stitch and fasten off.

20131029-103620.jpgLeaf and stem.

Sew leaf and stem to top of your stuffed orange ball.

20131029-103946.jpgis it a clementine?

Take a tapestry needle or similar and thread black wool through. Embroider eyes, nose and scary mouth on to your pumpkin. Add fangs, dripping blood etc if you so desire and have the necessary bits of wool hidden in your stash.

20131029-104053.jpgHA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA

I’m fairly rubbish at embroidery but I’m thinking your imaginations could go wild at this point, making the pumpkin a bit more scary and a little less ‘pumpkin patch pal’.


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