Halloween crafts

We’ve been invited to a Halloween party.


Of course it would be positively rude to turn up without a present for this hostess. Preferably an edible one (the present, not the hostess).

And as it’s Halloween it has to be something that would strike fear and horror into the soul of any self respecting child.

What could be more apt than cakes made of, gasp, vegetables?

Cakes that are, moreover, a fetching shade of blood red?

Chocolate and beetroot cupcakes (cue manic laughter)

I used a recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery, but a similar one can be found on the BBC website.

I must admit to feeling a bit sceptical about this. I love pickled beetroot, but find that beets can be a little bit earthy without the tang of the vinegar, and I was concerned this earthiness would add an unpleasant mustiness to the cakes.

I shouldn’t have worried.

The recipe is delightful. The batter starts of a scary pink but this quickly turns to a deep red as the beetroot mixes with the cocoa powder

20131030-205426.jpgred velvet.

Once baked the cakes are dense and moist and very, very chocolatey. The beetroot just seems to enhance the fudginess of the crumb, and adds depth to the chocolate flavour.


A delicious, sophisticated recipe.




Cupcake with bloodshot eyeball topping anyone?


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