A Box of Memories

Some time ago I was given an old, battered, cardboard suitcase.

It was not a thing of great beauty.


It had been lying, forgotten, in an old shed in the garden of a house in North Wales. The people who were revamping the house had no interest in the suitcase or its contents – and so it came to me.

To the ex-owners it was a box of rubbish.

Not to me! 🙂

Inside was an amazing collection of memorabilia.


Certificates of education, newspaper clippings, and a fantastic selection of vintage postcards.




The Paris exposition from 1931 looks amazing. Carefully staged tableaux of scenes from different (colonial) countries.

What to do with all this stuff though? Some of the postcards are so beautiful or so old it would be criminal to do anything with them other than treat them with care and treasure them.

Others I think it would be okay to use in some way, to repurpose and give a new lease of life to them.
But I am slightly scared of doing this as I don’t want to ruin any of them.

So I decided to start small.

A single postcard, one with a pretty painted scene of Madeira


I used it as a template and cut some card (in a complementary colour) to shape.

Then I took some rather nice handmade paper that I’ve had for several years and cut this to the same shape but slightly smaller. I wanted a handmade look to this so I tore the sheets to shape rather than using scissors.


Next I drew a faint pencil line along the left hand length of the postcard about 5mm in and bent the card along this line to make a sort of flap.

Final stage was to sandwich the handmade papers between the postcard and the blue card, take a tapestry needle and some embroidery silk and stitch the whole lot together, being careful not to tear the postcard whilst pushing the needle through.

Result- a pretty vintage notebook



Just right for a travel journal I think.

If I can keep youngest child’s paws off it for long enough.


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