The Fifth of November

I didn’t want to do it.

It looked (and felt) cold and damp and dark out there.

It looked (and felt) nice and warm and cosy inside.

But they wanted to go.

I whined, I grumped, I whinged. At one point I may have whimpered.

But in the end we went.


And you know what? I’m SO glad we did.

There was a real buzz at the fire site. A mini fairground to keep the kids happy


And mulled wine to keep the grown ups happy.

At 7.00pm it started

20131106-074122.jpg Going


20131106-074227.jpg Gone.

Poor old Guy Fawkes.

I’d love to go to the (in)famous Guy Fawkes celebrations at Lewes but I think our youngest is too young at the moment. The celebrations are a lot more riotous, anarchic, and, well, frightening at Lewes (they take the Guy burning very seriously there).

But for now, Leamington Rugby Club fireworks night will do us just fine.

All together now



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