Fiction Friday

This Week I Shall Mostly Be Reading

It’s heeeeeeerrrreeee.

Erm, well, actually I’m taking a flyer on this one as it’s been on pre-order with Amazon for months and I’ve just received notification that it has been dispatched. So it should be here. Soon. Hopefully.
It’s another Merrily Watkins tale, so I am expecting it to be full of weirdness, creepiness and haunting descriptions of the Welsh Marches.
And given that I am poised, ready to snatch the book as it is pushed through the letterbox, our Postie may well end up feeling the same about our house. (Without the haunting description of the Welsh Marches bit).

Last Week I Was Mostly Reading

You know last week I said I was quite enjoying this book? Well that was then. Now, having trawled my way through 500+pages, I can say this was a real chore. In fact I ended up skipping great chunks in order to get to the end as the thought of wading through all of this overblown, badly written dross made me feel slightly sick.

Gosh, that sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it?

I do appreciate that the author is very young, but that’s no excuse for publishing a work where the narrative jumps all over the place, there are loads of continuity errors, spelling mistakes, words used incorrectly, dreadful grammar. I know that sounds quite snobby, but really when a book is this badly written, and shows no sign of any editing or proof reading, it becomes unreadable. There’s a lot to be said for paying your dues in writing, and having work turned down forces the author to rewrite, refine and actually work on their piece. Avoid this book.

Unless you like badly written melodrama of course 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fiction Friday

  1. Hi Lisa

    love your blog and so excited to find you are a Merrily Watkins fan as well, I thought I was the only one. Have been waiting for the book but am going to be self controlled and add it to the Christmas list

    • Hi Nicky,

      Glad you like the blog! Am in awe of your self control in waiting until Christmas for this book 🙂 Must admit I was very slightly disappointed with the last Merrily Watkins – far too much testosterone going on with Mithras, the Romans and the SAS – I’m hoping this one will be a return to a slightly more feminine form of spirituality and creepiness…

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