Five reasons to love this time of year

1. Woolly jumpers. People tend to look at you suspiciously if you wander around in woollies in the middle of August, but nobody accuses you of trying to hide flabby, saggy bits if you wear a woolly in Winter. Even if you are.

2. Christmas music.
Ah come on, you know you like it really.
Who doesn’t get a little frisson of anticipation at the first annual airing of Fairytale of New York?

And Shane McGowan acts as a timely reminder to children to clean their teeth during the season of excess sugar :-).

3. Candles. You can light them in the middle of summer, but somehow it’s not quite the same. Lower the lights, snuggle on the sofa with assorted children and/or other halves. Dream of long winter walks in crisp snow.

Without actually having to go out into the cold.


4. Christmas decoration spotting. We bagged our first one today on the way back from Brownies Fun Day.

A tasteful affair in the middle of Meriden village green (the Christmas tree, not the Brownie fun day which involved lots of small people running around screaming and gradually disappearing under layers of campfire toasted, melted marshmallow. There may still be a few stuck to trees on the campsite (and yes, I do mean the brownies not the marshmallows))

5. Gingerbread latte. Starbucks gingerbread latte is gorgeous, but now there’s that whole tricky ethics question (guilt!). Fortunately, it turns out it’s ridiculously easy to make your own gingerbread syrup to add to coffees at home.

Put 480ml of water, 280g of granulated sugar, 2tsp of ground ginger, 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract and 2cm fresh ginger (grated) in a pan and bring to the boil.

Lower the heat and simmer for 15-20 mins.
Strain liquid through a sieve to remove the chunks of ginger.
Decant into a sterilised bottle or jar.

Add to coffee to taste. Top with whipped cream, nutmeg etc.

Sip slowly and feel very smug because you’ve paid tax on all the ingredients.

Realise there is something very wrong with that last statement


5 thoughts on “Five reasons to love this time of year

    • Must admit that when I’ve made this before it gets used up so quickly we don’t get the chance to find out how long it can be stored for. I think sugar syrups generally will last about a month if stored in the fridge in well sterilised containers – so I’m assuming this would be the same. If you are going to store it longer before using make sure you check for evolving life-forms before adding to your coffee! 🙂

      • Ah thank you! That will probably be the case in my household to, but I just wanted to check in case I make a big batch of the stuff. Thanks 🙂

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