Handmade Holidays

Ok, I’ll admit it. I have watched too much Kirstie Allsopp.

I can feel a rising tide of panic that I haven’t handmade all my Christmas gifts (oh the entertainment I will be denied of looking at the mixed emotions flitting across the recipients face as they try to express joy and delight whilst at the same time frantically trying to work out what the badly knitted thing is).

I have good intentions every year. I can spend hours creating lists, browsing through craft books and magazines, trying to decide the ideal handcrafted goodie for each person. I just don’t quite spend the same amount of time actually creating the things.

What’s that? Displacement activity? You think?

But I am super pleased with myself today because I have (drumroll please). Made some stockings.

I haven’t made anything to go inthe stockings, but it will be the best dressed nothing this side of the North Pole.

They are super easy to make (of course).
You will need:
Scraps of material for the stocking
Material for the lining


Draw a stocking shape on your newspaper and cut it out.
Decide how big you want your patches to be and cut a square of cardboard to the appropriate size.
Cut out enough patches from your scraps to cover the stocking.
Sew the patches together

and then attach the stocking to the back of the patchwork, draw around the stocking shape. Repeat but reverse the stocking.

Pin the two lots of patchwork together, right sides together and matching up the outlines of the stockings. Sew along this outline, leaving the top open.

Cut off any excess material.


Now cut two stocking shapes from the lining material, remembering to reverse the image and also allowing an extra 15-20cm off the top of the stocking -you will fold this over to make the cuff.


Sew the two lining pieces together (right sides together).

Turn the patchwork stocking right side out.

Sew a hem around the top of the lining (the cuff). Leave the lining inside out.

Place the lining inside the patchwork stocking and turn the cuff down so the crease of the turning is flush with the top of the patchwork. Poke your fingers around inside the lining to make sure it all fits inside the patchwork and is lined up properly and not twisted or lumpy.
Now sew around the top of the stocking to give a neat finish and attach the lining and outer together.
Now cut a piece of ribbon, long enough to enable you to use it to hang the stocking on whatever hooky thing you are planning on dangling it off. Double the ribbon over and sew it to the top centre back of the stocking. Sew buttons over the top of the stitch marks



2 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays

    • Go for it! It is really very easy and very quick to do – and then you can feel all warm and happy at injecting a bit of handmade niceness into all the hustle and bustle of the season 🙂

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