Fiction Friday

Oh, ok, it’s not Friday. See, not even into December and already my normal routine is spiralling out of control. However, as Advent is nearly upon us I thought it was time to present another seasonal medley of favourites. So without further ado, here it is, Superlative Saturday. 🙂

Books for Younger Children

A classic. Beautifully illustrated story of a Scandinavian farm’s resident Tomten (a sort of elf/pixie/dwarf creature). Apart from the slightly unnerving idea of this wee creature coming in to the house to gaze at sleeping children, this book helps to illustrate the rhythmic, cyclical nature of the seasons, and to show the importance of caring for animals over the hard winter period.

What’s not to love? Clever references to fairytales, envelopes to open, games and puzzles to play, appalling rhymes to groan over. Fab.


I love Jan Brett’s children’s books. The attention to detail in the illustrations is just superb. Brett has done a whole series of books around the Christmas/winter theme and all of them are worth buying and poring over. A visual treat.

For Slightly Older Children


You may think pop-ups are only for very little children, but that would be before you came across a pop up produced by Robert Sabuda. Think of him as a pop-up artists version of Rob Ryan. Someone who takes the craft to a whole new level. I first came across his work at the Library, where copies of his books had been bought for Fine Art students to study and try and puzzle out how he got his pop-ups to do what they do. I can now spend hours in the comfort of my own home trying to do the same. Erm, with the children of course. Of course

For The Grown-ups

Another classic. A story of a cheerless family’s unremittingly awful Christmas told as an amusing parody. Honest.

I know people who swear their family Christmas resembles the one at Cold Comfort Farm. I think they’re joking.

Confession time now.

At this time of indulgence and excess I do like to wallow in a bucketload of the types of romantic twaddle you would normally cross the street to avoid.
Chris Lit.
Doncha love it?
If you would like to wallow with me I can recommend

Apparently there is a whole sub genre of Amish romance literature out there. Who knew? Anyway, I came across this one on Amazon and had to give it a go.
Friends, it did not disappoint.
There is snow. There are horse driven carriages. There are simple yet beautiful and meaningful Christmas celebrations.
Ok so the story at the heart of it is formulaic, but there are times when it’s nice to relax into a book like it’s a warm bubble bath. And frankly who needs to be challenged by their bath?



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