Handmade Holidays (pt 2)

December already.


How did that happen?

A couple of years ago, when I obviously had a lot more time on my hands than I seem to have nowadays, I became irrationally irritated by the plastic inserts in most commercially produced chocolate advent calendars and decided I would make my own (calendar that is, not the plastic insert).

No need to go into the contradiction involved in then filling the home made calendar with chocolates wrapped in, ahem, disposable, wrappers. No sirree we will not go into that now.

(And I do try to get foil wrapped choccies which are slightly less guilt inducing)

Have you been good this year? Hope so otherwise this will be in your Christmas stocking


No it’s not the anti-elf. It is in fact Yoda.

Hey I never said embroidery was my strong point.

Hmmm, could be a whole new genre of blog posts… when crafts turn bad

Apart from the embroidery aspect the principle idea behind the calendar is fantastically simple.

You get a large piece of material. You fold the top edge under by a centimetre and then fold it again by about 8 centimetres and sew along the edge to make a sort of channel.
You hem the bottom edge of the large piece of material.
You cut out 24 or 25 (depending on how you like to work the Advent timetable) squares of felt or other robust material. Decorate or embellish them if you wish. Then use fabric paints to write the numbers 1 to 24 (or 25) on the squares. Sew the squares onto the large piece of material in a suitably random fashion.
Insert a piece of dowelling in the channel you created at the top of the piece of material.
Fill the squares with goodies.

This is great because you can adapt the content to your particular ethos. We include a mix of chocolates and small presents.


It is also easily adaptable so you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

Apart from now being terrified of the anti-elf, sorry, Yoda, oldest child is a big Star Wars fan so R2D2 makes an appearance


Youngest child is more into cute things so we’re working the whole elf/snowman/pudding/furry creatures aesthetic




Yay, warm fuzzy feelings all round 🙂


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