Handmade Holiday (pt 3)

I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen.
A packed schedule, grandparents visiting, work commitments, the need to sleep occasionally. At what point exactly were the decorations going to go up?

But we have finally, finally, brought them out of the loft, dusted them down, and put them up.

I find the look is becoming more pared down with each passing year.

In the main living areas that is.

We won’t talk about the kids take on dressing a tree.

So for downstairs lots of greenery and candles


We’ve gone for a real tree this year and it is a real beauty. A bit bigger than originally envisaged – I fear the angel may have a bit of a crick in her neck after a few weeks with her nose pressed against the ceiling- but a beauty none the less.

And isn’t it lovely bringing all the old decorations out and discovering them all over again?

For many years we paid an annual visit to Catherine Shinn in Cheltenham for traditional German handmade glass decorations.



Small children and glass being what they are we haven’t been for a while.
Looking at the website today I was tempted – but then I saw the torsos which made me think of BoxingHelena, and so I decided to stick with the homemade aesthetic 🙂

Although the garden is looking very sorry for itself at the moment, there’s still lots of evergreen foliage to help make the house feel,Christmassy


Holly, Rosemary, Ivy and conifer tie together beautifully to make a door decoration


And then just in case it was all getting a bit too low key and tasteful


Candy cane colour door wreath!

Another easy one to do with the kids.

First take a base -this could be wire, wicker or polystyrene like this one I’ve had hanging around the craft cupboard for ages.


Next take some wool- this can be a nice tasteful hue or fairly bright and gaudy like this red- and wrap it around your base.


Just like you were making a giant pompom….

Once the base is covered, secure the end of the wool.

Now get some felt-again colour choice is up to you and I certainly would not want to impose the bright red and green on to anyone else’s house- and cut out lots (and lots) of star shapes. However many you think you’ll need, double it. And then add a few more. You’ll need them.


Get some glue. You could use good old upv glue. Or like me, you could decide to use a hot glue gun for the first time.

You know,that old music hall song When Father Papered the Parlour? That was our dining room this afternoon.
Hot glue hung on the dresser
It hung from the doors
At one point it was in danger of hanging youngest child from the ceiling
It floated on the air like spun sugar
Or possibly ectoplasm
Or the gunk from the egg scene in Aliens

But eventually we rescued youngest child and the stars were glued (mainly) to the base and we had a colourful-if not exactly tasteful- wreath for her bedroom door


The wreath will come down in January but I’m not sure her glue gun PTSD will disappear so quickly.


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