Fiction Friday

I’ve signed up for a yoga class.

How did that happen?

Perhaps it was the alarming clicking coming from my knees every time I move after spending time curled up on the sofa reading.

Or perhaps it was the way that sometimes my left leg seemed to not be attached properly. Which necessitated making violent and painful circular movements with said leg. Much to the embarrassment of the children. Especially when I did it in the middle of Tescos.

Or maybe it was the crowd of lithe and healthfully glowing people who came out of a yoga class at the cafe where I was having coffee and a chat with T this morning. Lithe and healthfully glowing people who were all about twenty years older than me but could probably run rings around me. Literally.

The nice man who runs the class said they could “accommodate” absolute beginners though We would find it “challenging”.

“Challenging in a good way?” I asked.

He laughed.

Which I think was a yes.



I have spent a few weeks reading cosy comfy Chris lit and now I’m ready and raring to go with something more erudite. So without further ado….

This week I shall mostly be reading

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the soon to be released film version of this so I am keen to read it before being sucked in to the Directors interpretation. I haven’t read a lot of works covering slavery and US racism and race relations – The Color Purple, The Help, To Kill a Mockingbird and, dare I say it? Gone With the Wind- so this should be an interesting read. Challenging possibly?

By this time next week I may be needing a bit of boring and predictable just to redress the balance a bit…


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