Fiction Friday

Well, in addition to last week’s dying dog, I have added squatting hippo, flailing windmill and expiring fish to my repertoire of yoga moves.

I am sure my 80 year old self will thank me for all this.

It’s just my 45 year old self who has stopped talking to me.

This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading


I now know an awful lot more about the Nineteenth Century textile industry than I ever thought I would want to.

This is a hard book to place. It isn’t a ghost story- unless you count being haunted by consequences and possible consequences of your actions. It isn’t historical fiction. It isn’t a thriller. It isn’t particularly eerie or chilling or spine tingling.

It is a good read. The description of the textile industry is fascinating. Honest. The characters? Some are better drawn than others. None of them are particularly endearing, but you do want to find out what happens to them.

My main criticism of the book is that it is ultimately unfulfilling. I enjoyed the narrative all the way through, got to the end and thought “and? is that it?”

But perhaps that’s the point the author is trying to make: that stories, just like so many lives, can end not with a bang, but a whimper.

Next Week I Shall Mostly Be Reading


I really enjoyed Wolf Hall and have read excellent things about this volume. I suspect it may take me a bit longer than a week to read it though…. 🙂


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