Fiction Friday

Due to unforseen circumstances today was my first yoga class without the solidarity and moral support of fellow creaky and unlithe person, Tracey.

This was, frankly, terrifying.

Yoga triumph of the day…managing to do the weird “pirouette from lotus position” move without landing on my bum with a loud and slightly humiliating “ooof”.

Never mind that I ended up facing the opposite way to the rest of the class.  At least dignity was somewhat intact.

Yoga humiliating moment of the day…my take on an unaided headstand which involved being on all fours with bum waving wildly in the air, feebly kicking one leg up at a time being too chicken to do any more for fear of landing on my bum with a loud and slightly humiliating “ooof”.

Anyway, with that mental image at the forefront of the mind

This Week I have Mostly Been Reading

Well, I have mostly been reading Bring Up The Bodies, but as that is still a work in progress I will mention something that I allowed myself to get slightly sidetracked with (thank you Jean 🙂 )

now I must admit that I have never read any Dorothy L Sayers, so I have no idea how true to the original author this is.  I am also not a huge fan of detective fiction having overdosed on Agatha Christies when I was about 16.  I will say however that I really enjoyed this book.  It is gentle, it is old fashioned (in a good way), it is a cosy way of spending a winter’s evening.

It also has some very exciting ways of doing away with Academics.

Not that I’m storing that information away or anything. 🙂

This Week Oldest Child Has Mostly Been Reading


I just wanted to mention Wonder by RJ Palacio as oldest child and I have been reading this together and it is just one of the loveliest pre/young teen books I’ve come across.  The pair of us bawled our way through the last chapter and were left in the predicament of not knowing what book to start on next that could possibly match how good this story is.

In brief it is the tale of how a boy (August)  with a severely disfigured face copes with starting school after being homeschooled and protected by his family.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and if you are anything like oldest child you will feel compelled to hurl insults at some of the characters that August has to deal with.  Ultimately uplifting and heart-warming.  Read it – even if you haven’t got a convenient child to share it with!



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