Back when I was a student, when I actually had time for such things, I used to read a cutting edge, satirical magazine. Unfortunately I forget (a sign of advancing dotage) which magazine it was. Punch? Private Eye?



Anyway, whatever magazine it was, it used to feature a cartoon. Each issue would have a single image and the caption was always the same.

Inner Turmoil.

Well my friends, forget the inner turmoil, we are currently living in complete and utter outer turmoil.

Nay, chaos.

Pandemonium even.





But look, did you see it? On the corner of the table in the last picture?

A little slice of normality?

A teeny, tiny corner of civilisation, holding the fort against the onslaught of mayhem and misrule?

Honey scones.


From Lorraine Pascal’s Lighter Baking book.

Apparently they’re really good for you then.

Practically medicinal.

In more ways than one 🙂


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