These High Green Hills

A few days away with friends.

To the very outposts of civilisation as we know it.

Well, Wales.

But there was no Internet or phone signal and so, to the teenagers in the group, it was as if Armageddon had indeed wiped out the rest of the world.

It was very beautiful


An old stone farmhouse

Lots of these


This little chap was born and then his mum charged off for breakfast leaving him to sort himself out


Now, I do remember being very ready for my Weetabix after youngest child was born, but still…

We were close to Offa’s Dyke and Llanthony Priory and so on the first, full, day we climbed the one and later had refreshments in the other.

It was breathtaking


No, it was, literally, breathtaking.

I thought it was thundering at one point, but that was just the blood pounding in my ears as we made the ascent up the Dyke.

Great views from the top though



…once I’d regained consciousness enough to appreciate them.


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