Fiction Friday

This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading

The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer


Just fabulous.

The story of Matthew, and what happens to him when his older brother dies in a tragic accident. An accident that Matthew believes he is responsible for. The story chronicles Matthew’s battles with mental health problems, the depression and schizophrenia, hearing and seeing his dead brother. It also chronicles the comfort that he draws from feeling his brother’s presence and almost reluctance to be “cured” as the cure would shut out that presence.

Now I know this doesn’t sound the most enjoyable or cheery of subject matters but the story is written with empathy and humour. The author is a mental health nurse and has obviously drawn heavily on his experiences in this area to craft the description of Matthew’s battles with both his illness and the authorities who try to “help” him. My experiences with people with mental health problems are limited to dealing with my mother’s Alzheimer’s, but the way Matthew’s narration veers from logical to random, from empathetic to aggressive, really struck a chord. And made feel sad that I didn’t and couldn’t understand what she was experiencing as the Alzheimer’s took hold.

Next Week I Shall Mostly Be Reading


I just downloaded this on a whim because I liked the book cover.

Hey it works for wine doesn’t it? 🙂

I think it’s good to step outside your usual choices sometimes.

Well, hopefully….


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