Could it be?

Could it possibly be….a breakthrough?

Yesterday I did a yoga class and left it feeling positively….energised!

As opposed to my usual end of class state of wanting to drag my aching and decrepit body into the nearest hole (or coffee shop) and lay and whimper for a month or two.

I’m sure this has nothing to do with yesterday’s yoga class being one for beginners (rather than the one for bendy fit people we normally impose ourselves on)

No nothing at all to do with that.

Hey, I take my small crumbs of comfort wherever I can get them 🙂


Tomorrow I am off for a few days with Averil (Hi Averil!)

This will involve Tutti Men, Morris Men, the Cerne Abbas giant, and pagan Beltane celebrations.

British culture.

Gives a new meaning to the word eclectic 🙂



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