Strange Stuff

It’s been one of those weeks.

A catch-up week.

Washing, ironing, cookingzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Not the most riveting of things to blog about

So this is by way of a catch up post.

So many people have asked me about the weird customs I go to.

And the main question is

“but, how on earth do you find out about them?”


These help 🙂

My collection of books about interesting and/or frankly bizarre stuff in Britain.

I have a separate bookcase to house all my Pevsners (county guides to the architecture of Britain) and Mee’s (county guides which you have to read whilst mentally adopting the voice of a 1950s BBC announcer).

The collection includes some fab general guides to weird customs in Britain


And veers wildly from the profane


To the sacred




To High Church


Lots and lots of weird and wonderful stuff to learn about, look at, and, occasionally, participate in.

Or you can just save yourself a lot of research time and go straight to my friend and fellow weird customs fan Averil’s cool web site Calendar Customs. Pick an area, or a month, and be amazed 🙂


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