Deep in the Heart of Leicestershire

It’s half term.

The whole world seems to be on holiday.

My other half is even away (with work) in Holland. I’m sure he’s not enjoying himself at all.


And so. And so, I decided to be a bit adventurous and book to take the kids away for a few days by myself.


So, okay, not really all that adventurous then.

But it was a journey into uncharted territory, or at least, as it was oldest child’s first go at map reading for me, it might as well have been :-).

We booked with Leicestershire’s Stay Play Explore short break, which gives you one night in a four star hotel, and family tickets to three of Leicestershire’s finest attractions.

And what could be finer than a zoo?

In the rain?


Have you ever seen penguins look cold and damp before?

But it was still fun, in spite of the weather.


Black tailed prairie dogs






I know. It would just be too easy. 🙂

Just be wary of the spider monkeys.

What at first glance appeared to be a third back leg, led to all kinds of interesting discussions as well as much hilarity and is likely to be the one thing the kids remember about the whole trip.

It will also make their “what I did during the holidays” school essays very interesting for their teachers to read. I am sooo looking forward to the next parents evening…..

And no, I haven’t got a photograph. 🙂


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