Fiction Friday

This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading


Oh Dear.

Do you remember 80s High Street shop, Athena?

The one that sold posters with meditation enabling images (pebble on the beach, sunlight streaming through a tree canopy etc) and “inspirational” quotes?

Do not mourn it’s demise for Mr Coelho is here to gladden your heart and fill your soul with similarly deep and meaningful insights.

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

Who can not be awed and stunned into silence, deep and reflective silence, by such original insights as this one?


I fear Mr Coelho has read all the hype about him being a sage for the 21st century and is either, starting to believe it

or, has panicked at the weight of expectation that awaits his every literary outpouring.

Or perhaps he’s just been watching too many repeats of Oprah and Dr Phil.

A book of platitudes?

Stick with the poster of the tennis player scratching her bum.

It probably offers more meaningful insight into life.


Next Week I Shall Mostly Be Reading


A story about family, tradition and honour, Singapore and artisanal soya sauce.

What’s not to love?


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