Fiction Friday

I’ve been ignoring it for weeks.

But today I finally succumbed.

I went into the garden.

And I didn’t immediately turn around and go straight back into the house again!

This is what awaited me


And this


And where did this come from?


It wasn’t there the last time I looked!

And after two hours solid gardening, can’t you see the difference?


Nope, me neither.


This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading


Well, it was ok. The tale of an ex-pat Singaporean woman who returns to the family fold, and business, after the breakdown of her marriage. The story was reasonably well told, well structured. But….But. It lacked something. The main character was not particularly likeable, so it was hard to care whether her journey of self discovery led anywhere. The descriptions of Singapore? Uninspiring. The descriptions of the art of soy sauce manufacture? Routine.

A bit of a missed opportunity.

Next Week I Shall Mostly Be Reading


A mysterious authors society, books that rewrite themselves and things that lurk in the woods.

Sounds promising.


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