Dreaming Spires

Friday evening.
Sitting in the gardens of Corpus Christi College Oxford with Jean (hi Jean!) a friend going way back to Library school days.
A full moon casts its silvery light over the mellow stones of Oxford. Champagne. Conversation.

The distant clang of a gate being locked.

The dawning realisation of being locked in the garden.

We shouted for help.

No help came.

The sinking realisation that we were going to have to scale the fence.

All 8 foot of it.



A trip to the newly opened Story Museum a quirky and eccentric homage to Children’s Literature. You get to play at dressing up and to explore a rabbit warren of children’s book themed rooms and exhibits. Fab


Neil Gaiman as Mole from Wind in the Willows 🙂

Lunch at the Ashmolean, and sun kissed wanderings around more of Oxford’s colleges (thanks to a borrowed Alumni card. Ahem)


Fabulous dinner at Edamame, a tiny Japanese restaurant, so tiny it’s like eating in someone’s living room. This was going to be a weekend of new experiences and so I tried octopus and sautĂ©ed burdock root, neither of which are generally available in Pizza Express :-). Yum.

And then…

And then….

(Drum roll please)

My first classical concert.

I know. I know.


But um, growing up in a house that favoured Country and Western music.

(I know)

And favouring more of a goth/indie vibe myself, classical always seemed so “not for me”.

There’s so much of it, for a start. I mean, where do you even begin navigating your way around the different periods, styles etc?


My first classical concert.

Turns out, there’s not so much difference between the Sisters of Mercy and Bach as you would think.

Mahan Esfahani? Very rock ‘n’ roll.

I enjoyed it very much.

Until half way through the second half when the older lady next to me elbowed me in the ribs and whispered loudly (and accusingly) “But where is the viola d’amore?”

I hadn’t got it, that’s for sure.

Back to our fab rooms at Corpus (I could get used to this)



The grounds at Magdalene


The sounds of a choir practicing in the chapel.




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