Fiction Friday

This Week I Have Mostly Been Reading


I loved this book. It was quirky, erudite, interesting, funny and quite a bit weird.

The premise? An authoress, Laura White, (a little bit Tove Jansson), lives in a little Finnish village where she writes a series of books about a mythical place called Creatureville. To the delight of the villagers she sets up a “literature society” to nurture the writing talents of ten (and never more than ten) local young people. Laura holds a party to welcome the final, tenth, member and mysteriously disappears during an indoor snowstorm.

With me so far?

Cue weird and wonderful happenings…

The Game

Trolls (possibly)

A rotting Laura appearing in people’s dreams to read them bedtime stories.

And the mystery of the previous, precociously gifted, tenth member. Did he die? Or was he murdered?

This is great stuff.


It’s a murder mystery of sorts, but the book is about much more than that.

Adult vs children’s perceptions

The writing process as theft.

Group dynamics.

And the ending is shocking in it’s hilarious mundaneness

Next Week I Shall Mostly be Reading


A Jewish woman, abandoned by her husband and left in the position of being unable to divorce and unable to remarry, sets out to buy a refrigerator, but in a rash moment commissions a portrait of herself instead. A novel that describes the heroine breaking out of conservative Jewish society and diving headlong into the art world of 1960s London.

I believe it doesn’t include trolls.


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