Yoga on Monday.

The beginners Ashtanga class.

You’d think it would be easier, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately lots of people were on holiday which meant a small class size.

And the yoga teacher has an assistant helping.

Which meant a much higher teacher:student ratio.

Which meant those slightly more challenging poses which I cheat go a little easier on myself with? I found myself being tortured encouraged to “go a little deeper” into.

I have the hip flexibility of a corpse with rigor mortis.

But in one sitting pose the teacher sat there and ” encouraged” my hips to bend until my knees touched the floor.

First time since I was about 7.

“You see? The flexibility is there” he said.
At which point my knee poinged back into the upright position with the ferocity of a mousetrap going off.

Nearly knocked him out in the process.

You see? No it isn’t.




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