It’s been another one of those weeks

Loads of teaching

A lecturer who was most insistent that we organise some sessions for his students

And then forgot to tell them.

A lecturer who arranged a session for approx 35 students and then phoned up the day before to ask if 81 would be a problem.

But it’s all fine.


And then this weekend a long anticipated trip to meet up with our friends in the north

Two days in York.



Fabulous Tapas at Ambiente
And a fabulous Spanish waiter too (hi Carole! 🙂 )

A ghost walk

A sing song at the Golden Fleece (I blame the spirits 😉 )

A city of the heavenly


And the diabolical


And damn fine breakfasts at Bettys

Thank you Ladies, and here’s to the next one! 🙂


One thought on “T’North

  1. We too have been in the north-Edinburgh to be precise. Lots of ‘mindless consumption’ but our favourite purchase has to be the towel with the kilt and sporran design. So pleased we were with it that we actually bought two! My friend’s cat has died, poisoned with antifreeze. Fatty is in a fury, he’s got a mog on coz it was too wet to go on the touristics bus. Just in case u are wondering who Fatty is, his real name is Herr Lumpkin

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