Snap crackle and pop

Today I went to a chiropractor for the first time.

All part of my constant, ongoing, and I fear, futile, quest to one day do the Lotus.


Apparently I have boney growths where boney growths should not be

Explains a lot that does.

I lay on the torture treatment table, enjoying the gentle massage and chat of the chiropractor.

And then, with absolutely no provocation, she turned into a sadistic all-in-wrestler, jumping with all her weight on my back and getting me in what I can only describe as a half nelson.

A slightly surprised squeak may have escaped me at this point.

But that was drowned out by the alarming noises coming from my joints.

I did feel much better afterwards.

Though I fear this may be like the time I went to a Turkish Bath in Istanbul with Helen (hi Helen).

You could spot the Brits as they were the only ones still wearing clothing:-)

And the therapeutic massage involved being whacked with wet rolled up towels.

I know.

In retrospect I think there may have been an element of pay back for many years of Colonial rule.

Very therapeutic for the masseurs though.


Yoga on Friday.

I managed to do a sideways arm balance thing.

And drew an astonished “Where did that come from?” from my yoga teacher.

It’s always edifying to find that other people have as little faith in your abilities as you do.

I call it managing expectations 🙂

So for all those fellow doubters out there (I.e. everyone who knows me), I went home and did it again


See those rigid toes? That’s fear that is 🙂