Je ne regrette rien

Day two in Paris.

Definitely a day of contrasts.

A morning spent browsing the vintage markets at Porte de Clignancourt.

An eclectic mix of everything from stuffed zebras to the finest silverware.  

And everything you can think of in between!

Then a mad dash across to a distinctly un touristy part of Paris to try to find a Hammam we had booked in to for the afternoon.

A nice man stopped to help us find our way.

“You want to go there?” he said when he saw the street we were pointing to on the map.  

In a tone that said “why on earth do you want to go there?”

Fills you full of confidence.

But the Hammam was lovely.

Two us had the gommage.

Which basically involved being scrubbed down with a Brillo pad.

One of us had the massage.

Which involved wearing a pair of small tiny plastic pants.

And being vigorously pummelled by a nice young man.

Naming no names but Julie definitely left with a smile on her face 😉



Will post about our evening later!


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